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Downfall for Hospital Where Ebola Spread →

Court records also reveal several recent cases of bad outcomes in the emergency room. In 2012, for instance, one of the hospital’s own doctors, Rachel Dunagin, showed up at the emergency room with breathing problems. The lawsuit she later filed, which was dismissed after an out-of-court resolution, charged that a nurse had caused nerve damage and a permanent disability while inserting an IV line.

Another patient, Dwain Williams, said in a telephone interview that he had gone to the emergency room in July 2013 after coughing up blood. Records provided by Mr. Williams and evaluated by doctors consulted by The New York Times show that the hospital failed to determine that he had tuberculosis and sent him home with antibiotics, as was the case on Mr. Duncan’s first visit. Mr. Williams, who was insured by Medicare, received a correct diagnosis two weeks later in Los Angeles, but only after exposing family members and airplane passengers.

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